Our Story

Segovia Coffee is a direct importer of green coffee from Nicaragua. We distribute Green & Roasted coffee.  Our beans come from a single-farm from Finca La Consuelo, in the the Matagalpa-Segovia corridor; where the best coffee from Central America is harvested.
The journey began over 35 years ago, when we emigrated from Nicaragua; leaving behind friends, family, and a great tasting coffee.
Nicaragua, the poorest country in Central America and the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere.  Our people are humble, hardworking and always happy and proud of our culture, art, and of course our food, especially if are talking about Coffee. 
We always wanted to share our culture with our second home in Canada. In 2015, with support and encouragement form family, and friends that have been part of the coffee industry in Nicaragua for many years, we started importing green coffee to Canada.
Our close affiliation with one the most successful coffee growers, Uriel Zeas at Zesco Co., in Nicaragua, allows us to have access to the best 100% Arabica beans that are carefully selected for Segovia Coffee Co.
With Uriel Zeas at La Consuelo
Our Coffee is a gift from our land.  Finca La Consuelo, the farm where the beans are ethically grown and produced with the use of ecologically-friendly fertilizers and compost.  Located in the northern region of Nicaragua that is known as the ‘Pearl on the North” for its eternal spring all year round.  This region is surrounded by high elevation mountains with rich fertile volcanic soil, lakes and waterfalls that nurture one of the best premium quality coffee beans in the world.
These unique lands provide the right conditions that give our coffee a perfectly balanced body, sweet and smooth with hazelnut, clove, cherry and chocolatey notes typically produced in volcanic soils like Nicaragua.
You can order directly from us or directly from the farm. Please contact Horacio 416-388-9146 or the farm in Nicaragua: +505-8334-2694
Cupping and profile selection for Segovia Cofffee Co.
Segovia Coffee Co. is now one of the most popular espresso bars in the city of Brampton.  
We distribute Green and Roasted Coffee.