Our Story

We had emigrated from Nicaragua over 30 years ago, leaving behind friends, family, and great tasting coffee. We always wanted to share our culture with our second home in Canada. The journey began in 2015 by importing and distributing green beans from a single-farm in the Segovia-Matagalpa mountains in the northern part of the country, where the high-elevation and volcanic soil produces a bean of exceptional quality.

Our close affiliation with the farm allowed us to be directly involved in the process and selection of our beans, which is ethically grown, and produced with the use of ecologically-friendly fertilizers and compost. There are no middlemen, and no intermediaries. Our coffee directly supports over 500 Nicaraguan families!

The positive feedback from our accounts drove us to roast and market our own brand.

We have participated in all the major food/cultural festivals and farmers markets around the GTA. We found success in promoting our brewed coffee and selling our roasted beans. Customers absolutely fell in love with the chocolate notes, and the fact that our coffee was handcrafted in small batches. We were then motivated to open our first cafe and to expand our product line into espresso blends.

Segovia Coffee Co. is now one of the most popular espresso bars in the city of Brampton.